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Lucifer's Friend

Lucifer's Friend
Lucifer's Friend is a German rock band, formed in Hamburg in 1970 by guitarist Peter Hesslein, singer John Lawton, bassist Dieter Horns, keyboardist Peter Hecht, and drummer Joachim Reitenbach. The group was noted as an early practitioner of heavy metal and progressive rock, but they also incorporated elements of jazz into their music, especially on their fourth album, Banquet (1974).
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Lucifer's Friend — Black Moon Lucifer's Friend — Black Moon
(Lucifer's Records LF004, 2019, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Too Late to Hate Lucifer's Friend — Too Late to Hate
(Lucifer's Records LF003, 2016, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Awakening Lucifer's Friend — Awakening
(Lucifer’s Records LF001, 2015, 2CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Live @ Sweden Rock 2015 Lucifer's Friend — Live @ Sweden Rock 2015
(Lucifer's Records LF002, 2015, CD)
Lucifer's Friend II Featuring John Lawton — Sumogrip Lucifer's Friend II Featuring John Lawton — Sumogrip
(Castle CSC 7148-2, 1994, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Mean Machine Lucifer's Friend — Mean Machine
(Elektra 5E-559, 1981, LP)
Lucifer's Friend — Sneak Me In Lucifer's Friend — Sneak Me In
(Elektra 6E-265, 1980, LP)
Lucifer's Friend — Good Time Warrior Lucifer's Friend — Good Time Warrior
(Elektra 6E-159, 1978, LP)
Lucifer's Friend — Mind Exploding Lucifer's Friend — Mind Exploding
(Repertoire REPUK 1273, 1976/2015, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Banquet Lucifer's Friend — Banquet
(Repertoire REPUK 1274, 1974/2015, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — I'm Just a Rock 'n' Roll Singer Lucifer's Friend — I'm Just a Rock 'n' Roll Singer
(Repertoire PMS 7042-WP, 1973/1997, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Where the Groupies Killed the Blues Lucifer's Friend — Where the Groupies Killed the Blues
(Repertoire RR 4143-WP, 1972/1991, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Lucifer's Friend Lucifer's Friend — Lucifer's Friend
(Revisited Records SPV 50902 CD, 1970/2008, CD)

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