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Eiko Ishibashi

Eiko Ishibashi
石橋英子 (Ishibashi Eiko) is a Japanese singer, drummer, composer, and electronic artist whose work touches on both popular and avant-garde sounds. She has worked with a number of other artists in experimental music, and has been a member of several groups, including Natsumen and Panicsmile.
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Releases on file (14)
Eiko Ishibashi — The Dream My Bones Dream Eiko Ishibashi — The Dream My Bones Dream
(Drag City DC727, 2018, CD / LP / DL)
Eiko Ishibashi Trio — 6 Feet Under Eiko Ishibashi Trio — 6 Feet Under
((Not on label) no#, 2016, DL)
Masami Akita / Eiko Ishibashi — Kouen Kyoudai Masami Akita / Eiko Ishibashi — Kouen Kyoudai
(eMEGO216, 2016, LP / DL)
Jim O'Rourke — Simple Songs Jim O'Rourke — Simple Songs
(Drag City DC620, 2015, CD / LP / DL)
Eiko Ishibashi — Car and Freezer Eiko Ishibashi — Car and Freezer
(Drag City DC612, 2014, LP)
Pika — Ryu no Sumika Pika — Ryu no Sumika
(Telegraph TGC-037, 2014, CD)
Eiko Ishibashi — Imitation of Life Eiko Ishibashi — Imitation of Life
(Drag City DC566, 2013, CD)
Eiko Ishibashi — I'm Armed Eiko Ishibashi — I'm Armed
(Felicity PECF-1053, 2012, CD)
Eiko Ishibashi — Carapace Eiko Ishibashi — Carapace
(Felicity FCT-1006, 2011, CD)
Phew — Five Finger Discount Phew — Five Finger Discount
(Bereket bmp 001, 2010, CD)
Koenjihyakkei — 070531 Koenjihyakkei — 070531
(Magaibutsu MGDV-04, 2008, DVD)
Eiko Ishibashi — Drifting Devil Eiko Ishibashi — Drifting Devil
(Rhythm Tracks XQFL-1004, 2008, CD)
Eiko Ishibashi + Tatsuya Yoshida — Slip beneath the Distant Tree Eiko Ishibashi + Tatsuya Yoshida — Slip beneath the Distant Tree
(Rhythm Tracks TRACK-008, 2007, CD)
Eiko Ishibashi — Works for Everything Eiko Ishibashi — Works for Everything
(Rhythm Tracks TRACK-001, 2006, CD)

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