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Long running Mexican Rock In opposition formation that fused rock, folk, jazz, and ethnic sounds.
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Decibel — Tomando el Té con Alicia y el Sombrerero Loco Decibel — Tomando el Té con Alicia y el Sombrerero Loco
( Discos Abronia CACD 114 , 2017, CD)
Decibel — Secuencias Genéticas Decibel — Secuencias Genéticas
(Discos Abronias INTI 172, 2016, CD)
Decibel — Insecto Mecanico Decibel — Insecto Mecanico
( Discos Abronia INTA010 , 2015, 2CD)
Decibel — En Vivo Decibel — En Vivo
( Discos Abronia INTI100 , 2014, CD)
Decibel — Méliès Decibel — Méliès
( Discos Abronia CDFL-1505 , 2012, CD)
Decibel — In Concert Plus... Decibel — In Concert Plus...
(MIO 024 , 2003, CD)
Decibel — Fiat Lux - The Complete Recordings 1977-2000 Decibel — Fiat Lux - The Complete Recordings 1977-2000
(MIO 022-024, 2000, 3CD)
Decibel — Fortuna Virilis Decibel — Fortuna Virilis
(Momia CD 09, 1999, CD)
Decibel — Mensaje desde Fomalhault Decibel — Mensaje desde Fomalhault
(Momia CD06, 1996, CD)
Decibel — El Poeta del Ruido Decibel — El Poeta del Ruido
(Orfeon CSM-247, 1980/2008, CD)
Decibel — Contranatura Decibel — Contranatura
(Momia CD03, 1978/1992, CD)

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Jewlia Eisenberg RIP – The sad news has come out that Jewlia Eisenberg has died. As a founding member of Charming Hostess, Eisenberg changed the face of music, bringing together Balkan klezmer, American folk, and experimental rock in a distinctive blend that garnered much praise. » Read more

RIP Roger Trigaux – The sad news has come to our attention that Roger Trigaux, the guiding force of Present and former member of Univers Zero, passed away on the evening of March 10, 2021 after a long ilness. » Read more

SoundQuest Fest 2021 – SoundQuest Fest, first experienced as a live festival in Tucson Arizona in 2010 was created by ambient music pioneer Steve Roach. This 2021 event will unite a worldwide gathering of artists and audience members together for a 3-day online event unique in the realm of ambient music. From March 26-28th a continuous flow of streamed performances, audio-video wonder worlds and deep immersion zones will burn bright on Roach’s YouTube channel. » Read more

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