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Curt Cress

Curt Cress
Curtis "Curt" Cress (born 11 August 1952 in Brachttal, Germany) is a German drummer and composer. He is probably best known for his tenure in Passport, though he has released albums under his own name and worked as a sideman on hundreds of recordings.
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Lucifer's Friend — Awakening Lucifer's Friend — Awakening
(Lucifer’s Records LF001, 2015, 2CD)
Curt Cress — Trip Curt Cress — Trip
(WEA 3964-21825-2, 1998, CD)
Curt Cress — Bäng Curt Cress — Bäng
(WEA 9031-77716-2, 1992, CD)
Curt Cress — Sing Curt Cress — Sing
(WEA 242 199-1, 1987, LP)
Saga — Wildest Dreams Saga — Wildest Dreams
(Polydor 523 579-2, 1987/1994, CD)
Passport — Running in Real Time Passport — Running in Real Time
(Wounded Bird WOU 1251, 1985/2001, CD)
Curt Cress — Avanti Curt Cress — Avanti
(WEA 24-0133-1, 1983, LP)
Passport — Man in the Mirror Passport — Man in the Mirror
(Wounded Bird WOU 144, 1983/2001, CD)
Passport — Earthborn Passport — Earthborn
(Wounded Bird WOU 8034, 1982/2006, CD)
John Wetton — King's Road - 1972-1980 John Wetton — King's Road - 1972-1980
(E.G. Records EGCD 70, 1980/1987, CD)
Passport — Iguaçu Passport — Iguaçu
(Wounded Bird WOU 149, 1977/2001, CD)
New Triumvirat — Pompeii New Triumvirat — Pompeii
(Harvest 7243 5 35165 2 9, 1977/2002, CD)
Lucifer's Friend — Mind Exploding Lucifer's Friend — Mind Exploding
(Repertoire REPUK 1273, 1976/2015, CD)
Passport — Cross-Collateral Passport — Cross-Collateral
(Wounded Bird WOU 187, 1975/2002, CD)
Curt Cress Clan — Curt Cress Clan Curt Cress Clan — Curt Cress Clan
(Atlantic ATL 50 079, 1975, LP)
Passport — Doldinger Jubilee Concert Passport — Doldinger Jubilee Concert
(Wounded Bird WOU 5070, 1974/2008, CD)
Passport — Hand Made Passport — Hand Made
(Wounded Bird WOU 483, 1973/2008, CD)
Passport — Looking Thru Passport — Looking Thru
(Wounded Bird WOU 7042, 1973/2001, CD)
Twenty Sixty Six and Then — Reflections! Twenty Sixty Six and Then — Reflections!
(Second Battle SB 025, 1972/1994, CD)
Orange Peel — Orange Peel Orange Peel — Orange Peel
(Bellaphon 9687127, 1970/2011, CD)

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