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Aidan Baker

Aidan Baker
Aidan Baker is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and avant-garde singer-songwriter. He works as a solo artist and as a member of such groups as Nadja and Caudal.
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Releases on file (20)
Caudal — Fight Cry Fight Caudal — Fight Cry Fight
(Kapitän Platte no#, 2018, LP)
Nadja — Sonnborner Nadja — Sonnborner
(Broken Spine BSP011, 2018, LP)
Caudal — Slope / Land Caudal — Slope / Land
(Bandcamp no#, 2017, DL)
Caudal — Let's All Take the Yellow Pills Caudal — Let's All Take the Yellow Pills
(Kapitän Platte no#, 2016, LP)
Caudal — Ascension Caudal — Ascension
(Kapitän Platte no#, 2014, LP)
Caudal — Forever in Another World Caudal — Forever in Another World
(Kapitän Platte no#, 2013, LP)
Nadja — The Bungled and the Botched Nadja — The Bungled and the Botched
(ConSouling Sounds SOUL0001, 2012, CD)
Nadja — Under the Jaguar Sun Nadja — Under the Jaguar Sun
(Beta-lactam Ring mt175a, 2009, 2CD)
Aidan Baker — Book of Nods Aidan Baker — Book of Nods
(Beta-lactam Ring mt163, 2008, CD)
Nadja — Trembled Nadja — Trembled
(Utech 024, 2008, CD)
Fear Falls Burning & Nadja — Fear Falls Burning & Nadja Fear Falls Burning & Nadja — Fear Falls Burning & Nadja
(Conspiracy core049, 2007, CD)
Nadja — Radiance of Shadows Nadja — Radiance of Shadows
(Alien8 ALIENCD72, 2007, CD)
Nadja / Fear Falls Burning — We Have Departed the Circle Blissfully Nadja / Fear Falls Burning — We Have Departed the Circle Blissfully
(Conspiracy CORE035, 2006, LP)
Nadja — Bliss Torn from Emptiness Nadja — Bliss Torn from Emptiness
(Profound Love PFL-031, 2005/2008, CD)
Nadja — Bodycage Nadja — Bodycage
(Broken Spine BSPR01, 2005/2013, CD)
Aidan Baker — Songs of Flowers and Skin Aidan Baker — Songs of Flowers and Skin
(Beta-lactam Ring mt165, 2005, CD)
Nadja — Truth Becomes Death Nadja — Truth Becomes Death
(Alien8 ALIENCD58, 2005, CD)
Nadja — Corrasion Nadja — Corrasion
(Foreshadow FSHCD003, 2003, CD)
Nadja — Skin Turns to Glass Nadja — Skin Turns to Glass
(The End TE101, 2003/2008, CD)
Nadja — Touched Nadja — Touched
(Deserted FActory DF003, 2003, CD)

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