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Thierry Zaboitzeff — Luvos Migrations
(Bandcamp no#, 2023, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-08-13

Luvos Migrations Cover art

Dr. Zab has been very busy of late, never content at just repeating his successes, always moving forward into new soundworlds, though his work with choreographer Editta Braun’s dance company is ongoing, as is the Luvos concept, which made its debut appearance in 2012 with Zaboitzeff’s earlier release Planet Luvos, a 33-minute suite in seven parts (curiously missing act 1), which we reviewed here in Exposé at the time. So what is LUVOS anyway? Braun’s website explains it thusly: “My specialised dancers and I — create beings that oscillate between animals and plants with extremely mobile and intertwined female, mostly naked bodies. The completely depersonalised dancers' bodies (face and breast are never visible) make us forget that we are dealing with human beings here. The illusion is created of being in a world all of one's own: a LUVOS universe.” Luvos Migrations is the original soundtrack of the dance film by Editta Braun and Menie Weissbacher, in 2022. Essentially a seventeen minute single, composed by Zaboitzeff where he plays all of the instruments, including cello, bass guitar, keyboards, samplers, found sounds, and perhaps some software instruments as well. The piece starts out with the sound of rippling water and birds, followed by a cadence of strings, which is suddenly interrupted by electronics, eventually forming a powerful pulse with a celestial voice floating over it. The piece continues forward in a state of constant evolution through several distinct sections, the everpresent cello guiding the piece as it develops, a gentle and subtle melodic dreamscape until around the nine-minute mark, when a jarring crash overcomes everything and takes the listener through the next portal, where the concept is reconstructed into something entirely new, and so it continues. The listener can imagine the dance moves that follow the music as it proceeds. Ultimately we end up in a place not far from where it all began, with sweeping strings and adventurous melodies delivered over a gentle backdrop of sampled environmental sounds. As I write this, Luvos Migrations is available only as a download at the link below.

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