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Solarus — Empty Nature
(Release Entertainment RR 6965, 1997, CD)

by Dane Carlson, Published 1998-02-01

Empty Nature Cover art

I suppose this would find its way into the industrial section. Solarus is Kipp Johnson (bass, synthesizer, samples) and Bill Yurkiewicz (vocal sounds) with James Plotkin guesting on guitars. There are seven tracks listed on the CD, but I really only hear two. The first six form a suite of sorts, at least the music style is similar, a slowly evolving rhythm track featuring keyboards, "drums," and some real sub-harmonic bass, all topped off with few odd voice soundbites like "...They will toil and they will die." Another piece has a woman screaming. The music all seems very simple, and effective, as I find myself popping this album in the player quite a bit. If you like Bill Laswell's older works, this may appeal to you. The second, shorter piece is really great. Again it's got a steady back beat, some really cool "twangy" ambient guitar, the snap of a "snare," and a killer floating synth line like Eno would use. It's very different from the first part of the album, but complementary. In all a very promising release.

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