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Sherry Finzer — The Gratitude Project
(Heart Dance Records no#, 2023, 2CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-09-01

The Gratitude Project Cover art

Sometimes it’s appropriate to just let go and allow sound to carry your spirit away to someplace new, down through that inward spiral or out beyond the farthest stars. In composer and performer Sherry Finzer’s toolbox are a variety of flutes, the primary instruments she has been working with for many years, a musical journey that has taken her through classical, pop, jazz, world music and more, to arrive at the point where she is today – an understanding that the introspective, meditative sounds of the flute (in all its various forms), played as a purely solo endeavor has the power to calm the mind, relieve stress, and unlock the power to heal physical ailments. It’s a tall order, but there is a lot of evidence there through the ages, both theoretical and in practice, that it really works. Finzer’s solo endeavors wotk mostly with low flutes — alto, bass, and contrabass, as well as native flutes from around the globe; furthermore, her performances are in areas of extensive natural ambience and reverb, something that works well for solo wind instruments of all kinds (remember Paul Horn’s Inside from the late 60s, recorded inside the Taj Mahal?) Finzer’s venue of choice is “The Tank” in Rangely, Colorado, a large abandoned cistern within which a recording studio and performance venue have been built. The genesis of this project was a four-song download-only EP released in March of 2023 titled The Beginning. Four more EPs followed through July of 2023, each containing four more pieces: The Undercurrent, The Heart Space, The Warrior, and finally The Empress. In August these five EPs plus four additional tracks (not on any of the aforementioned EPs) were collected together as The Gratitude Project, 24 tracks in all, and released either as a download or as a set of two compact discs. All of the pieces are solo flute compositions, recorded at The Tank, over a hundred minutes total of meditative sound.

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