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Sendelica — Man, Myth & Magic
(Fruits de Mer winkle 49, 2023, 2LP / USB / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2024-04-28

Man, Myth & Magic Cover art

Sendelica, the band that thinks that a sixteen minute track is too short, has released the third album of the planned quartet of studio albums examining man’s relationship with religion, magic, myths, himself, and Earth. The series began with And Man Created God that looked at man’s relationship with religion; the second album, One Man’s Man, explored the history of homo sapiens. Now the new album, Man, Myth & Magic, looks at man’s myths and magic. When does magic become science? When do these myths become realities? And are these myths based on factual events that become distorted over time? Man, Myth & Magic is a double vinyl album containing four side-long instrumental tracks: “Wheel of Fortune,” “Neptune (The Hanged Man),” “Magician Dawn,” and “Tower of Chaos.” “Wheel of Fortune” sets the stage for the album with its pulsating synths, sinister chords, and wailing sax that is almost a clone of Gustav Holst’s Mars, the Bringer of War. “Neptune (The Hanged Man)” slows things way down for some floating music with a slowly building rhythm to propel the music that then segues into an amorphous sonic storm for several minutes where eventually bits and pieces emerge from the chaos to come back together in a slightly different vibe. “Magician’s Dawn” is a mysterious and beautiful masterpiece that is constantly ebbing and flowing from the abstract to the melodic, which eventually soars off into the troposphere. “Tower of Chaos” is altogether a different experience with acoustic guitar strumming, electronics, and then some ethereal sax for a cosmic urban vibe. Overall, another excellent and enjoyable release from the masters of extended psych jams.

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