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Sendelica — And Man Created God
(Fruits de Mer winkle 44, 2021, 2LP)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2021-10-24

And Man Created God Cover art

Hard to believe that Sendelica has been a member of the Fruits de Mer stable of bands for over ten years now: albums, singles, compilations, gigs, etc. And over this past decade Sendelica has flowered into one of the finest instrumental space rock bands performing today. After completing their massive Cromlech Chronicles volumes I to IV and then reissuing them as The Compleat Cromlech Chronicles along with additional music, Sendelica embarked on their new irreverent, and perhaps blasphemous, project And Man Created God double LP. Several years ago archeologists in Spain uncovered the grave of a Neanderthal toddler that was surrounded by many animal bones and a rhinoceros skull that exhibited some sort of religious symbolism surrounding the burial. This discovery, and the ensuing scholarly and religious debate, was the genesis of Sendelica’s new album. Sendelica, one of FdM’s bands that think a 10 to 15 minute jam qualifies as a single, packs nine tracks spanning 76 minutes on to two luscious vinyl slabs, available as either colorless transparent vinyl or multi-color splatter on transparent vinyl. The group’s core members Pete Bingham (guitars and random noises), Colin Consterdine (rhythm, keyboards, and electronics), Lee Relfe (sax), and Glenda Pescasdo (bass) take the listener on a cosmic, mind expanding, and trance inducing cinematic journey: “Aeolian Sunrise,” “Exodus from Ur,” “Deuterosophia,” “MMT,” “Tainted Goat,” “The Seekers,” “Illuminated Skies,” “Seren Golawr,” and “Epilogue Sunset.” Special guest Elizabeth Kearney AKA Eflin Bow, with her beautiful voice, joins Sendelica on “Seren Golawr,” an expanded version of their 2020 collaboration single Seren. You cannot get much better music on FdM than this! Highly recommended, if you can find a copy as these limited edition releases are already sold out.

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