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Rockin' Teenage Combo — 6/4 Getaway
(Innerspace innerSPACE 7709, 2000, CD)

by Steve Robey, Published 2000-10-01

6/4 Getaway Cover art

Rockin’ Teenage Combo is an energetic Seattle jazz trio (keys, bass, drums) that seems bent on blending the spirit of classic jazz (of the Tyner and Hancock variety) with the groovy accessibility of today’s live jam bands. Sound like Medeski Martin and Wood? Well, sort of — except this trio lacks both the invention and intensity of that trio. They do possess a tight, live sound, and they make the best of their jazz-derived composition, at times resembling Herbie Hancock’s early 70s funky sound. The progressions stay within safe, accessible terrain, rarely going into adventurous solo territory, but they do have a way with a groove. On the standout track “BH” they begin their Tyner-inflected theme with a somewhat avant-jazz prelude, but for the most part, the groove element is the dominant one. Pianist Dara Quinn is obviously a talented player with a great affection for jazz (and drummer Oliver Klomp turns in some fiery performances as well), but very little of this disc approaches the heights of Tyner or Hancock — or even Medeski. One can’t fault them for trying, though. Still, the best moments on this disc sound like copies of that style. Kudos to them for aiming high — with a tad more originality, this trio has the capability to turn in something truly sublime.

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