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Robert Logan — You, Me
(Bandcamp no#, 2022, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2022-10-16

You, Me Cover art

Back in 2016 we reviewed a couple of collaborations that Logan made with Steve Roach (Biosonic and Second Nature), then in 2018 a solo album Sculptor Galaxy, then in 2021 The Three Worlds by his alias Firehand. These earlier releases underscore the fact that Logan, who has worked on numerous film soundtracks and collaborated with many others, is absolutely unpredictable, further proven by this four-song EP. The music at hand bears little in common with the standard electronic forms like floating ambient, Berlin school, house, electronica, or anything else, instead taking a wild turn into a highly original sound that may be informed by his extensive soundtrack work. The first two cuts, “Fe” and “You, Me,” were apparently released back at the end of 2019 on Slowfoot Records as a limited edition New Year’s gift. The opening title track wanders through an elastic jungle of electronic sounds and vaguely disguised voice samples over a bouncy rhythmic attack with bright blasts of synth coming through as the piece progresses; around six minutes in it starts to fade and by seven it’s long gone, replaced by “Fe” with its strange Steve Tibbetts-like feel amid beautiful synthetic bells and such, giving the piece a strong Asian mood until it turns toward a dreamy electronic percussive part after the journey’s midpoint. The newer pieces (or at least previously unreleased) begin with “Kid Droid Dreams,” a strange brew of heady sounds turning and twisting in a sea of strangeness that a listener might well find to their liking, while “Memories of Air,” the EP’s shortest piece at four-and-a-half minutes, is perhaps the most conventionally ‘space music’ of the four, but even at that it mostly doesn’t conform to anything a listener is likely to expect outside of experimental compositional craft. With You, Me one can find something well beyond the usual electronic fare.

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