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Quel Che Disse il Tuono — Il Velo dei Riflessi
(AMS AMS311CD, 2020, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2020-08-20

Il Velo dei Riflessi Cover art

Quel Che Disse il Tuono is a young Italian prog band from Milan who have created a superb debut album Il Velo dei Riflessi, or in English, The Veil of Reflection. Now their name in Italian Quel Che Disse il Tuono sounds poetic, but when translated it means What the Thunder Said. And I am clueless as to the meaning of their name as their music is not even remotely like thunder. Band members are Francesca Zanetta (guitar, Mellotron, and electronic string machines), Niccolò Davide Gallani (piano, electric piano, organ, synths, Mellotron, string machines, and acoustic guitar), Roberto “Berna” Bernasconi (vocals, bass, and acoustic guitar), and Alessio “Einsamkeit” Del Ben (drums and piano). This is the first time to my knowledge that I have encountered a progressive rock band where all members play keyboards. I am not at all thinking of Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream here, their music is entirely different. Il Velo dei Riflessi is pure 70s prog reimagined as neo-Italian prog. I love the Mellotron and Hammond organ they use on every track. Their compositions are intelligent, often trading melody lines between musicians and instruments. With five tracks for a total of 49 minutes, the album is primarily instrumentals that constantly alternate between rock and quiet Mellotron interludes. Quel Che Disse il Tuono is definitely a band to watch.

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