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Noorvik — Omission
(Tonzonen TON070, 2019, CD / LP / DL)

Noorvik — Hamartia
(Tonzonen TON126, 2022, CD / 2LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2023-02-04

Omission Cover artHamartia Cover art

Noorvik plays a variety of post-rock which is informed somewhat by metal, though they’re fairly far removed from the mainstream of that genre. Most of their tracks start quietly, and build up to heavy riffs, though they provide enough variety in tempos and feelings to keep it all from sounding the same. Some of the tracks feature tightly coordinated rhythms like in some kind of technical metal, but that’s not the focus. The four-piece features guitarists Moritz Kuck and Tim Merriman, bassist Dominik Hornung, and drummer Arnd Finke. There are occasionally keyboard-like sounds, but those could easily be from guitar effects. One of my favorite tracks is “Tantalos” off Hamartia. It starts out with a sparse drum pattern that leads into a melodic chorded bass part. These are joined by clean picked guitar parts that extend the chords and add some echoing harmonics. Then the guitars take over the bass part, leaving the bass to provide a gritty low end. One of the guitars adds a melody, then they stop and jump into a faster section with a great riff and some coordinated fills that should please any lover of good heavy rock. There are some lyrical lead parts from one of the guitars, but nothing that would be called a “solo.” “Hybris” has a really lovely chord pattern on one guitar and an almost Fripp-like sustain tone on the melody. Some guitar-based post-rock bands end up lacking in the melodic department, but Noorvik doesn’t slack, and adds that finishing touch to their dramatic crescendos. Another thing I like is how Finke handles the drum parts when they get into the fast chugging, using the toms and not just the double bass drums. There’s a really nice section where Hornung’s bass shines in “Floating” from Omission. Both of these albums are quite good, and should be on the radar of anyone who likes post-rock or instrumental music that has a wide range of intensity.

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