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Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow — Teatime Terrors
(Bandcamp no#, 2021, LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2021-10-08

Teatime Terrors Cover art

And now, for something completely different. Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up boys and girls, and children of all ages! The show is about to begin. You’re about to behold a sight so strange, so horrifying, so utterly monstrous, that I urge you who are easily frightened or upset, who suffer from nervous disorders, weak hearts, or queasy stomachs, or who experience nightmares to forgo witnessing this show. See the cat that turns itself inside out! Come watch the banana boy do his tricks! Stare in horror at the man swallowing a hedgehog! Watch the ear fairy collect ear wax! Witness the crazed Doctor Moogle in his dark examination room! Come join me in Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow for an out-of-this-world experience! Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow is a Dublin-based band and visual arts group that brings their surrealistic songs to life with their extremely unique live show with bizarre costumes and masks. Think of The Residents, Devo, Sparks, and even the bizarre musical world of Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin. The Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow experience is full of crazy electronics, odd twisted melodies, weird demented visions, and sometimes simplistic arrangements. I am even reminded of Les Claypool and Primus. Not for the feiint of heart or the politically correct, but definitely fun and entertaining.

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