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Might — Abyss
(Bandcamp Exile on Mainstream EOM103, 2022, CD / LP)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2022-10-07

Abyss Cover art

It’s been a couple years since we first encountered the Hanover duo Might on presentation of their self-titled debut album. The band today remains a duo of Sven Missoullis (guitar, drums, and vocals) and Ana Muhi (vocals, bass, and piano); still not sure exactly how the band pulls it off in a live setting, since all the elements of their sound (drums, bass, guitars, vocals) are essential to the service the songs (not that there would have been that many opportunities for live performances during the pandemic), but apparently they did make an appearance at the 2021 Roadburn Redux festival and the 2022 Rotormania Festival. Abyss is the band’s second album, a powerful sludgy mix of alternative post-rock, doom metal, and shoegaze, rife with distortion and brutal edgy chaos, but that’s certainly not the whole story here, as they make plenty of room for quieter, fragile elements featuring acoustic guitars, piano, and Muhi’s gentle and beautiful vocals (she can deliver the edgy vocals at full potency also). Their sound often descends into black metal horror territory where one is not even sure who is singing the parts (“Lucky Me” is an example), but they have no trouble delivering the full throttle aggression with mystery and malice. Wisely though, the duo mixes their styles up so one never gets too much of any one thing, achieving a balance between their extremes and subtleties. Minor complaint: the lyrics on the inside of the gatefold CD sleeve are black on dark dark green, and the song titles on the back cover are dark gray on a black background, making the text in both cases essentially unreadable. Fortunately, the latter can be viewed more easily on the Bandcamp page. That said, Abyss nonetheless offers the listener an excellent cornucopia of complex sounds and twisted imagery.

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