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MAMA (MxAxMxA) — Долгожданный первенец (Dolgozhdannyy Pervenets)
(Addicted Label BNiL 787, 2021, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-02-19

Долгожданный первенец (Dolgozhdannyy Pervenets) Cover art

Here is another Russian band of dubious interest to our Exposé readers, MxAxMxA. Hailing from Chertanovo, a housing area in the Southern Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Russia, MxAxMxA is Vanyok (throat-shredding vocals), Sanyok (guitar), Yurets (bass), and Maxon (drums). The best feature of this album is that the 13 “songs” only last a total of 20 minutes. Most of the 20 minutes is devoted to metal guitar chords and screaming (in Russian?).  But in a couple of places, there are some surprising moments. All track titles are in Russian, so to make things simple I am going to refer to track numbers.  The first track is an eerie, spooky “song” with operatic and other samples, including sea gulls, which tempers the throat-wrenching vocals. Track eight is a welcome relief and a change. Is this even the same band? This track has a jazzy vibe and slap bass with sound samples and happy bird song, and the lack of screaming is a plus. But overall, Долгожданный первенец is not an album I would choose to listen to again. Once is a lifetime is more than sufficient.

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