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Malcolm Galloway — Metazoa One
(Bandcamp no#, 2023, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-08-08

Metazoa One Cover art

While Galloway is a member of the British progressive rock band Hats Off Gentlemen, It’s Adequate, he is also a top-shelf minimalist composer working primarily with synthesizers, sequencers, and electronics, of which his latest Metazoa One is a prime example. The piece is a seventeen-plus minute single full of rippling electronics, dreamy larger-than-life chord sweeps, stuttering sequences, and myriad colorful melodic shapes that seemingly morph continuously along the trajectory of the piece, even fading to black a few minutes before the end only to fool the listener into thinking it’s over, rising from the ashes to start again. Surely the inspiration for this piece come from the best classic works of the late Klaus Schulze, though only in a stylistic sense, as Metazoa One goes to many interesting new shores that only guide the imagination forward and leave the listener stunned. Further out the listener can hear the shifting worlds of outer space, where wells of starlight creep into the travelers’ consciousness, sparking an endless curiosity for spatial worlds that spread out in every possible direction. I guess my only question is: why did Galloway stop the journey after only the length of an LP side? Certainly this piece could keep morphing and folding through space for another hour easily! And dig that cover art, also by Galloway. I suppose for the full effect a listener will need to follow my lead and run it on continuous repeat until they are satisfied. Beautiful sounds.

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