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Knekklectric — Alt Blir Verre
(Apollon Records no#, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2022-06-30

Alt Blir Verre Cover art

Unlike some of the Norwegian bands we’ve covered, Knekklectric isn’t flooding the market with multiple releases every year. Alt Blir Verre is only their third album since 2014, coming five years after For Mange Melodia. The album’s title translates as Everything Gets Worse, which probably connects with the lyrical content — it’s all in Norwegian, so I can’t confirm that — but also provides a lovely irony when applied to the music, which is generally sunny and rather happy sounding. I would describe it as poppish progressive rock which bears a resemblance to Caravan’s sound of the 70s. There are plenty of parts that sound like sunshine pop, but with sophisticated arrangements and occasional ventures into more proggy territory. The lead vocals are pleasant and tuneful, and there are some lovely harmony vocals as well. The songs are well-written, with interesting chord progressions and catchy melodies and plenty of variety from track to track. There’s a jazzy feeling to much of the music, and clean tones are favored over distorted ones. Vibes and marimba show up at times, cementing the impression of lightness, and several tunes feature nimble synth solos that wouldn’t sound out of place in a jazz-rock record from the 70s. Knekklectric’s melding of melodic psychedelic rock, classic keyboards, and modern indie rock is a winning formula, and Alt Blir Verre is an album worthy of attention and praise.

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