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Klaus Schulze — Das Wagner Desaster - Live
(Revisited Records REV 033, 1994/2005, 2CD)

Klaus Schulze — Vanity of Sounds
(Revisited Records REV 034, 2000/2005, CD)

by Mike McLatchey, Published 2018-04-19

Das Wagner Desaster - Live Cover artVanity of Sounds Cover art

The Klaus Schulze solo concert album Das Wagner Desaster is from the period when Klaus was exploring samplers. Personally, I do not find the music from this era near as engaging as his earlier efforts. The music from this 1994 concert is sterile and therefore more academic / classical or avant garde in sound. Because of the length of these recordings, Klaus made a slight modification from the original release in order to accommodate the bonus track “Encore Sevilla” on Disc 2. “Encore Sevilla” comes from a concert in October 1991 and is the last of the unreleased tracks from this series of Spanish solo concerts.

With the improvement of recording technologies and the compact disc in the early 90s, Klaus began packing as much music as possible on to each release. In some cases, as with Vanity of Sounds, there simply wasn’t enough room to include bonus material. This reissue matches the now out of print original from the Contemporary Works I boxed set. Because of where Klaus was musically at the time of Contemporary Works I, I was apprehensive that this music would be more of the same. Fortunately, by this time, Klaus had turned the corner with his samplers and his music regained the “warmth” of earlier times. The samples are not nearly as obvious now and they seamlessly integrate with the rest of his synth arsenal.

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