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Jack Ellister — Lichtpyramide
(Tonzonen TON084, 2020, LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2021-05-29

Lichtpyramide Cover art

With Lichtpyramide, Jack Ellister is completely on his own musically and in a very krautrock sort of mood. He recorded the album in his bedroom studio using a mixture of low and not-so-low tech gear onto 8-track tape. The minimal instrumentation includes keyboards and acoustic guitar, plus a bit of flute and percussion, all looped, echoed, and processed into a minimalistic stew somewhat reminiscent of Moebius and Rodelius in a really weird mood infused with the solo experiments from Ummagumma. The vocals are infrequent and consist of spoken words in German; Ellister also whistles at times. Each of the fourteen tracks has a slightly different sound in spite of the limited palette of sound sources, using different distinctive effects to create separate sound spaces. I wouldn’t call any of the music exciting, but it is quite enjoyable when the mood is right. It’s an excellent example of what a creative musician can do on his own without a computer and library of emulated instruments. You won’t find the kind of sonic depth that modern technology can bring — this is much more intimate and personal, and sonically rich in its own way. Recommended for fans of the mellower side of classic 70s German music.

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