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In Vino Veritas — Grimorium Magi
(Black Widow CD2019, 2019, CD)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2020-07-24

Grimorium Magi Cover art

I was pleasantly surprised upon my first experience with Grimorium Magi, the debut release by the Italian band In Vino Veritas. I was fully expecting a dark gothic classic slice of Italian prog based on the album title and artwork. But once you look at what the band plays, you are in for a treat. In Vino Veritas is Arthuan Rebis (vocals, nyckelharpa, gaita, bouzouki, celtic harp, keyboards, guitar, and flute), Siro Achille Nicolazzi (vocals and hurdy gurdy), Nicola Caleo “TImer Shine” (drums and sequencer), Nicola Bellulovich (flutes, sax, and didgeridoo), and Emanuale Ysmail Milletti (fretless bass), with guests Federica Lanna (vocals), Alessandro de Palma (chalumeau), and Corrado Perazzo (musette). Instead of being a magician’s book of spells, In Vino Veritas plays a set of eleven aggressive swirling, twirling Celtic pagan folk jigs. Instrumentals and songs are split 50/50. I am reminded at times of Loreena McKennitt and also colonial America. Listening to “Morgana” I visualize Native Americans running through the forest like in The Last of the Mohicans. The last track “Il Matto e il Suo Scettro” is different from the rest of the album. This song is a beautiful flute and guitar piece. In Vino Veritas artfully combines Celtic folk with modern progressive music to create a wonderful listening experience.

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