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Guru Guru — Space Ship (The Best of Part 1)
(Cleopatra CLP 9716-2, 1996, CD)

by Dane Carlson, Published 1998-07-01

Space Ship (The Best of Part 1) Cover art

Take a trip, back in time. My first impression of this 70s relic is "Sounds a lot like Hendrix," then you hear a bit more weirdness. I suppose these guys picked up where Jimi left off. Space Ship is a pretty solid set of Guru Guru's finest (this compilation covers the years 1971-74). If you are looking for a lot of acid-laced-guitar-power-riffing, here ya go. Oddly the band is actually the brainchild of the drummer, Mani Nuemeier, and not the guitarist, Axe Gingrich. As this is a guitar freak-out, fuzz, distortion, whatever, Axe is soloing it. Most of the songs are simple, driving, psych jams. Though some have vocals, it hardly matters, the vocals are subdued, not out front. "Immer Lustig" begins with what has to be the most basic blues-rock riff ever made, then builds back into the jam. This music seems a bit dated to me, I have heard much better, but Guru Guru were there first. If you've never heard this band, this is a great place to start.

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