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Fabio Battistetti — Musica per la Danza
(Acustronica no#, 2021, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2021-10-06

Musica per la Danza Cover art

Battistetti is a composer who works in the field of sound art, live performances, soundscapes, and visual art, mostly using an electronic palette and a DIY ethic. Without much familiarity with his previous work, the best I can do is desccribe what I’m hearing as these nine tracks proceed. He claims that Musica per la Danza was inspired years ago after taking some dance lessons and his teacher started calling him Fred Astaire! As Battistetti explains it on his site: “Fred Astaire's epithet came back to me, when I started composing these songs: my flawed steps, but at the same time I felt free and inspired to have discovered a new and unexplored function of my body.” The music at hand is purely electronic, sometimes floating and gracious, but more often a procession of twisted melodic bleeps and glitches, although there is definitely order to it all, and at times one might even find programmed rhythms, although they seem to be constantly shifting around. As far as anything danceable — I don’t think so, unless you’re a nine-legged spider following the twisted electronic oscillations as the waves of sound vibrate through your web. At times I am reminded of the work of Anton Zinkl, but the ever shifting textures in Battistetti’s palette of sounds tends to result in a far more interesting and colorful sonic emblem, something one might want to play over and over because regardless of how many spins you give this, it’s a long road to familiarity, and until you get there you never know what’s going to happen next. This is well beyond what might typically be labeled electronica, breaking new ground on a number of levels. It’s the softer numbers like “Ecstatic” and “Tack!” that offer the most intrigue and quirk, but sometimes one might be in the mood for the more chattery pieces like “Screanzato” or “Bring in da Noise.” Any way one explores this, there are bound to be plenty of interesting moments.

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