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Edena Gardens — Dens
(El Paraiso EPR075, 2023, LP / CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-12-13

Dens Cover art

Every time something new comes out on the El Paraiso label, you just know it’s going to be nothing short of superb. So what exactly is Dens? Well, it’s the last of the five letters in the band’s name: Edena Gardens. Hopefully this is not the end, but even if it is, they’ve had a stellar, if short, two-year run. Hopefully I’m wrong, as I would like these guys to continue, though I’m certain they have ongoing commitments to their respective bands; that would be drummer Jakob Skøtt (of Causa Sui) and bassist / guitarist Martin Rude (of Sun River and Causa Sui), and guitarist Nicklas Sorensen of Papir, three of Denmark’s finest bands. Produced by Skøtt and engineered by Jonas Munk (also of Causa Sui), the seven tracks on the LP take a more inward approach than the more aggressive sounds of the two previous studio albums. It’s a gently simmering immersive shimmer that might remind listeners of the more introspective moments of king Jimi’s Electric Ladyland. Each piece drips of psychedelic fantasia, a dreamy liquid guitar drenched aura of beautiful sounds, well crafted improvisations that simply make your head spin, but none more so than the extended fifteen minute exploration “Sienita,” though other standard length cuts have just as much to offer the listener, including the opener “Wald” and “Vini's Lament,” a tribute to Durutti Column. “Morgensol” (translates to “Morning Sun”) offers a full nine minutes of dreamy guitar beauty full of shimmering loops, delays, and wall-to-wall cosmic sounds, joined by a firm drum presence midway through. “An Uaimh Bhinn” is like a wandering dream in a beautiful garden of flowers as day slowly fades to night. If Dens is indeed the end, the group is definitely calling it on a high note.

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