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Divæ — Determinazione
(Progressivamente GMP001, 1995, CD)

by Mike Grimes, Published 1997-05-01

Determinazione Cover art

Considering that the band has been around since the late 70s and this is their debut album, Determinazione is an apt title! Over the last few years, Divæ has played several live shows in Italy with some prestigious guest appearances, and the CD continues this tradition. Keyboardist Gianni Leone from Il Balletto di Bronzo contributes some blistering solos on one track. Vocalist Lino Vairetti from Osanna and Jerry Cutillo from Oak also make nice cameo appearances as well. The heart of Divæ's music is the twin keyboard playing of Enzo di Francesco and Marco Vantini, who also write the majority of the band's material. They make good use of both classic keyboards like the Moog, Mellotron, and Hammond, as well as more modern digital gear. Divæ's style is very symphonic and comparisons to 70s Italian progressive bands are unavoidable. However, the band has a definite British hard rock sensibility as well. Much of the album is instrumental, and even the vocal tracks have long sections without singing. The group whisks through metric obstacle courses on most of the tracks, and perhaps appropriately closes the album with a track entitled "The Return of Gentle Giant." While not sounding much like Gentle Giant, Divæ has certainly incorporated the former's penchant for time changes into their compositions. The vocals are delivered solidly and provide a nice contrast to the more intense instrumental passages. Tracks like "Libero," the previously mentioned Gentle Giant track, and "Gargantua..." (the real title is 34 words long!) are especially good. The playing is sound and songs are interesting throughout. Fans of other Italian, symphonic, and keyboard-led bands should find plenty to like on Determinazione.

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