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Deepspace — Superradiance
(Projekt no#, 2022, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2022-06-29

Superradiance Cover art

Deepspace is the moniker of German-born synthesist and composer Mirko Ruckels, now resident in Australia. His work first came to our attention via his two 2021 collaborations with TheAdelaidean, Adrift and Antigravity, but he has been creating his electronic ambient soundscapes (as Deepspace) since around 2007, and as of this writing there are close to a dozen full-length albums, in addition to the two aforementioned collaborations. On the side, from 2012-2016 Ruckels took a detour into the moody atmospheric and psychedelic pop world as Mirko Polo, and has released two full-length albums and an EP as such. He also had a couple other projects going with his brother Jeremy — the first is a power trio called Les Fabricants, the other is as a duo creating C64-inspired computer game music called Pilot of the Future. But I digress. With Superradiance, Deepspace has released his first ambient release on the Projekt label, a beautiful slab of gentle floating ambient electronics that coats the listeners’ spirit with subtle power and grace. The album consists of ten tracks ranging from about one minute to over thirteen, each with its own unique character. The opener “Now the Balloon Rises into the Sky” is an appropriately titled launch into the floating realm, a world of soft pillowy sounds of overlapping chords that makes for a soothing experience. “Leaving Earth” takes it a step further, with some mysterious radio dialog setting the stage for a colorful and shimmering dream journey. Other standouts include the expansive “Sunlit Dream of Venusian Orchids” where deep random pulses underly glorious washes of tonal color, and the longest cut of them all — “Do You Hear Faint Music?” which wanders gently through myriad dream sequences, reaching deep into the cosmic spiral leading to a mysterious and peaceful state. “Fathomless” continues the journey, although it’s an even more glacial paced exploration of space time. All good, and where I want to be. If one is looking for a floating passage through soft waves and sparkling stars on your path to slumber, Superradiance is your ticket.

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