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Chris Russell — Destiny
(Spotted Peccary SPM-3503, 2020, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-04-08

Destiny Cover art

With Destiny, ambient sound sculptor Chris Russell takes the listener into the deep floating world where moments are frozen in time and veils of texture float on the solar winds, each of the seven pieces opening a different portal into connected mysterious soundworlds. By my count, this is Russell’s twentieth release in only ten years, though it’s only his third physical release with the Spotted Peccary label, his previous being Echo from two years back. Add to that almost as many appearances on various artist compilations during that same period. His methods are a mystery, though hardware and software synths, bass guitar, and various indigenous instruments are part of his palette, all subjected to a world of effects and the full power of the recording studio. Each piece has its own evolutionary process, a cycle that develops slowly as textures move and shimmer as they unfold, offering highlights in the depths as well as in the subdued melodic structures that exist just under the surface form the ever-morphing and curious shapeshifting blend of swirling interstellar grains. Sounds flowing and ebbing with subtle nuances will open vast panoramic spaces lit up by starlight and glistening cosmic winds, offering the listener a peaceful and immersive space to get lost within or gently move to a new stage of consciousness. There are no sharp edges here, no sudden dynamic changes, every idea flows smoothly together in a true evolutionary way, occasionally slowing to a standstill for a lengthy view of magical vistas, or diving deep into the subsonic deep end where warm swirls of texture and tone flow into your being. This is beautiful stuff. Fans of Steve Roach, Alio Die, Vidna Obmana, Max Corbacho, and similarly inclined artists will be right at home with Destiny.

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