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Airbag — A Day in the Studio / Unplugged in Oslo
(Karisma KAR127, 2021, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-03-18

A Day in the Studio / Unplugged in Oslo Cover art

After the success of Airbag’s recent album A Day at the Beach, the band wanted to present their songs in a live setting, but the pandemic put a kibosh on that. Instead the trio went into the studio and performed an acoustic set of six songs: three from A Day at the Beach (“Machines and Men,” “Into the Unknown,” and “Sunsets”), two from Identity (“Colours” and “Sounds That Hear”) and the previously unreleased “Come on In.” The trio of two acoustic guitarists and one vocalist presents a different take on their Porcupine Tree-like melancholy songs. Unfortunately the acoustic guitar strumming from song to song does not present a lot of variation and over the course of the album’s 37 minutes; the six songs tend to blend and merge in your mind. Without the presence of keyboards and electric guitars from the original songs, A Day in the Studio / Unplugged in Oslo is best taken in small doses. A totally different approach to Airbag, and probably not the best place to start if you are unfamiliar with their music.

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