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YBO² (pronounced "Ibo Ibo" and listed as Yhwh... Black Omen II on one release) was a Japanese underground rock group started in 1984 by Kitamura Masashi – former editor of Fool's Mate magazine and founder of the Transrecords and SSE Communications labels – along with Michio Kurihara and Yoshiki Uenoyama of the recently split band Onna. The band went through a number of line-up changes, the most famous line-up being Kitamura with Kazuyuki Kishino and Tatsuya Yoshida, before splitting in 1990. The band has since reformed a number of times with differing personnel.
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YBO² — Dai higurashi rin [Daejohw-Ling] YBO² — Dai higurashi rin [Daejohw-Ling]
(Fractured Sisters FSS-01CD, 2000, CD)
YBO² — My Rest Place Live YBO² — My Rest Place Live
(SSE 4010 CD, 1992, CD)
YBO² — Starship YBO² — Starship
(Invitation VDR-1606, 1989, CD)
YBO² — Pale Skin, Pale Face YBO² — Pale Skin, Pale Face
(Transrecords TRANS 34-35, 1988, 2LP)
YBO² — Alienation YBO² — Alienation
(SSE8011CD, 1986/1993, CD)
Yhwh... Black Omen II — Kingdom of Familydream Yhwh... Black Omen II — Kingdom of Familydream
(Transrecords TRANS 16, 1986, LP)
YBO² — Taiyo no oji (Prince of the Sun) YBO² — Taiyo no oji (Prince of the Sun)
(Transrecords TRANS 10, 1986, LP)

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