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Krokodil was a Swiss psychedelic band formed in the late 60s that adopted some features of progressive and hard rock during the 70s. They also included Middle Eastern and Indian sounds.
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Krokodil — Sweat and Swim Krokodil — Sweat and Swim
(Bacillus Records 288, 1973/1993, CD)
Krokodil — Getting up for the Morning Krokodil — Getting up for the Morning
(Bacillus Records 288, 1972/1993, CD)
Krokodil — The Psychedelic Tapes Krokodil — The Psychedelic Tapes
(Second Battle SB 066, 1972/2005, CD)
Krokodil — An Invisible World Revealed Krokodil — An Invisible World Revealed
(Germanofon 941022, 1971/1994, CD)
Krokodil — The First Recordings Krokodil — The First Recordings
((Not on label) Krokodil LP/DVD 01-2014, 1970/2014, LP+DVD)
Düde Dürst — Krokodil Solo Düde Dürst — Krokodil Solo
(Germanofon 941046, 1970/1995, CD)
Krokodil — Swamp Krokodil — Swamp
(Second Battle SB 053, 1970/1999, CD)
Krokodil — Krokodil Krokodil — Krokodil
(Second Battle SB 052, 1969/1999, CD)

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