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Humble Pie

Humble Pie
Humble Pie was an English rock band formed by Steve Marriott of Small Faces, in Essex during 1969. Marriott recruited Peter Frampton (guitar) of The Herd, Greg Ridley (bass) of Spooky Tooth, and then-relatively-unknown drummer Jerry Shirley, creating one of the first "supergroups." Their early style varied between hard blues-based rock and more progressive sounds. After Frampton's departure in 1971, Colosseum's Clem Clempson came on board, and the band moved more towards the blues. The group lasted until 1975, though numerous reunions and new versions of the band have appeared since. In 1988, Shirley obtained the rights to the name, and played off and on without Marriott (who died in 1991) or any other original members until his death in 2003.
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Humble Pie — Joint Effort Humble Pie — Joint Effort
(Cleopatra CLO1097, 1975/2019, CD / LP / DL)
Humble Pie — Street Rats Humble Pie — Street Rats
(A&M AMLS 68282, 1975, LP)
Humble Pie — Thunderbox Humble Pie — Thunderbox
(Lemon CDLEM205, 1974/2012, CD)
Humble Pie — Eat It Humble Pie — Eat It
(Lemon CDLEM204, 1973/2012, CD)
Humble Pie — Smokin' Humble Pie — Smokin'
(A&M CD 3132, 1972/1990, CD)
Humble Pie — Performance - Rockin' the Fillmore Humble Pie — Performance - Rockin' the Fillmore
(A&M CD 6008, 1971/1994, CD)
Humble Pie — Performance - Rockin' the Fillmore - The Complete Recordings Humble Pie — Performance - Rockin' the Fillmore - The Complete Recordings
(Omnivore OVCD-23, 1971/2013, 4CD)
Humble Pie — Rock On Humble Pie — Rock On
(A&M 314 520 240-2, 1971/1994, CD)
Humble Pie — Humble Pie Humble Pie — Humble Pie
(Lemon CDLEM203, 1970/2012, CD)
Humble Pie — As Safe As Yesterday Is Humble Pie — As Safe As Yesterday Is
(Sony Music AK 47899, 1969/1991, CD)
Humble Pie — Town and Country Humble Pie — Town and Country
(Repertoire REP5052, 1969/2008, CD)

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