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Hijokaidan (非常階段) is a Japanese noise band formed in Kyoto in 1979 by Jojo Hiroshige and Naoki Zushi. The group released their first LP on Unbalance in 1980. The band has survived since then with varying membership and a number of collaborations with such varied others as Jun Togawa, pop group BiS, and the artificial voice program called Miku Hatsune.
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Hijokaidan x Jun Togawa — Togawa Kaidan Hijokaidan x Jun Togawa — Togawa Kaidan
(Reveil TECH-26464, 2016, CD)
Hijokaidan — Emergency Stairway to Heaven Hijokaidan — Emergency Stairway to Heaven
(Cold Spring CSR208P, 2015, LP+CD)
Hijokaidan x Yoshihide Otomo — Noise Join Inn Hijokaidan x Yoshihide Otomo — Noise Join Inn
(Reveil TECH-26457, 2015, CD)
Hijokaidan Starring Miku Hatsune — Hatsune Kaidan Hijokaidan Starring Miku Hatsune — Hatsune Kaidan
(U-Rythmix URMX-017, 2013, CD)
Acid Mothers Kaidan — Kill the King of Noise Acid Mothers Kaidan — Kill the King of Noise
(Alchemy Records (Jpn) AMSDVDR-022, 2008, DVD)
Hijokaidan — The Last Recording Album Hijokaidan — The Last Recording Album
(Reveil TECH-25402, 2004/2014, CDq)
Hijokaidan — Noise from Trading Cards Hijokaidan — Noise from Trading Cards
(Reveil TECH-25401, 1997/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — Windom Hijokaidan — Windom
(REveil TECH-25400, 1991/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — Romance Hijokaidan — Romance
(Reveil TECH-25399, 1990/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — Modern Hijokaidan — Modern
(Reveil TECH-25398, 1989/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — No Paris / No Harm Hijokaidan — No Paris / No Harm
(Reveil TECH-25397, 1988/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — Tapes Hijokaidan — Tapes
(Reveil TECH-25395, 1986/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — King of Noise Hijokaidan — King of Noise
(TECH-25394, 1985/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — Viva Angel Hijokaidan — Viva Angel
(Reveil TECH-25393, 1984/2014, CD)
Hijokaidan — Zoroku no Kibyou Hijokaidan — Zoroku no Kibyou
(Reveil TECH-25392, 1982/2014, CD)

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