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Erik Griswold

Erik Griswold
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Erik Griswold is an Australian composer and pianist working in contemporary classical, improvised, and experimental forms. His particular interests include prepared piano. percussion, environmental music, and the music of China's Sichuan province. His works focus on layering of rhythms, textures, and ideas. His interests are in hybrid sound combinations and unusual intersections at the margins of music and sound making — the places where one discipline, genre, or resonance merges into another. These notions manifest themselves in musical structures (polyrhythm), altered or re-purposed sound sources (prepared piano), unexpected convergences of musical styles ("Sichuan jazz"), or experimental hybrids of improvised and notated music.
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Erik Griswold — Four Places in Queensland Erik Griswold — Four Places in Queensland
(Neuma 139, 2021, CD / DL)
Erik Griswold and Camerata — Hollows out of Time Erik Griswold and Camerata — Hollows out of Time
(Harrigans Lane Collective HCL1, 2019, LP / DL)
Erik Griswold — Ecstatic Descent Erik Griswold — Ecstatic Descent
(Cold Blue CB0047, 2017, CD)

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