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Ghost Rhythms

Ghost Rhythms
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Ghost Rhythms is an ensemble based in Paris that plays music mixing jazz and chamber music, held together by a complex sense of rhythm. Members have included Camille Petit (keyboards, vocals, percussion), Xavier Gélard (drums, guitar, vocals, percussion), Gregory Kosovski (bass, vocals), Julien Bigorgne (flute), Alexis Collin (accordion), David Rousselet (tenor sax), Guillaume Aventurin (guitar, vocals), Morgan Lowenstein (percussion), Maxime Thiébaut (saxophones), Nadia Mejri-Chapelle (cello), Sonia Bricout (vocals), Nicolas Chambon (guitar), Didier Priem (alto sax), Sarah Baroux (vocals), Julien Blanchard (bass), Régis Pons (trumpet), Virginie Boulignat (violin), and Emmanuel Sicherman (alto sax).
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(Cuneiform Rune 466, 2019, CD / DL)
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Ghost Rhythms — Ghost Rhythms Ghost Rhythms — Ghost Rhythms
(Laboratoire d'Exploration Mu, 2007, CD)

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