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The Chocolate Watchband

The Chocolate Watchband
United States
The Chocolate Watchband (sometimes written as Chocolate Watch Band, with or without "The") is an American psychedelic garage rock band formed in Los Altos, California in 1965. The group was founded by Ned Torney and Mark Loomis, played some shows, and then disbanded. Loomis shortly thereafter reformed the band with members of the Shandels and the Topsiders to play covers of British Invasion songs. They began to write original material and recorded their debut album with lead singer David Aguilar, but then broke up for a second time. In 1968, another version came together centered around Danny Phay, who had sung in the 1965 incarnation, founder Torney, and two members of the 1967 version, Bill Flores and guitarist Sean Tolby. Producers assembled a second album from tracks that various versions had recorded, along with session musicians, and a third album featured mostly the last version of the band. They hung it up in 1970, finally reuniting in 1999 with a combination of past members and new musicians. The group has been touring and recording since.
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Releases on file (7)
Chocolate Watchband — This Is My Voice Chocolate Watchband — This Is My Voice
(Dirty Water Records, 2019, CD / LP / DL)
Chocolate Watchband — Judgement Day / Secret Rendezvous Chocolate Watchband — Judgement Day / Secret Rendezvous
((Not on label) , 2018, 7")
The Chocolate Watchband — Revolutions Reinvented The Chocolate Watchband — Revolutions Reinvented
(Twenty Stone Blatt BAMF 41, 2012, CD)
Chocolate Watchband — Get Away Chocolate Watchband — Get Away
((Not on label) no#, 1999, CD)
The Chocolate Watchband — One Step Beyond The Chocolate Watchband — One Step Beyond
(Sundazed SC 6025, 1969/1994, CD)
Chocolate Watch Band — The Inner Mystique Chocolate Watch Band — The Inner Mystique
(Sundazed SC 6283, 1968/2012, CD)
Chocolate Watch Band — No Way Out Chocolate Watch Band — No Way Out
(Sundazed SC 6282, 1967/2012, CD)

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