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Birth Control

Birth Control
Birth Control was a German rock band known for their progressive hard rock sound and provocative album covers (such as one which depicts a hen cooking an egg). Birth Control formed in 1966 in Berlin from two other bands, the Earls and the Gents. The band was founded with a lineup consisting of Bernd Koschmidder (bass), Reinhold Sobotta (organ), Rolf Gurra (saxophone, vocals), Fritz Groger (vocals), Reiner Borchert (guitar), Hugo Egon Balder (drums), and Klaus Orso (guitar). Within five years of the band's formation all seven of the original members had departed, but the band continued under the leadership of long-standing members drummer (and later lead vocalist) Bernd Noske (who replaced Balder in late 1968) and guitarist Bruno Frenzel (who replaced Borchert in 1969). In spite of changes in personnel (due to death and other reasons), the band has carried on into the 2000s.
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Releases on file (18)
Birth Control — Alsatian Birth Control — Alsatian
(Roxxon ROX 157-03, 2003, CD)
Birth Control — Getting There Birth Control — Getting There
(OHR 70044-2, 1999, CD)
Birth Control — Jungle Life Birth Control — Jungle Life
(Green Tree GTR-050, 1996, CD)
Birth Control — Two Worlds Birth Control — Two Worlds
(Green Tree GTR-059, 1995, CD)
Birth Control — Condominium Birth Control — Condominium
(Green Tree GTR-109, 1994, CD)
Birth Control — Bäng! Birth Control — Bäng!
(Spalax CD14298, 1982/1997, CD)
Birth Control — Deal Done at Night Birth Control — Deal Done at Night
(Green Tree GTR-046, 1981/1996, CD)
Birth Control — Count on Dracula Birth Control — Count on Dracula
(Green Tree GTR-045, 1980/1996, CD)
Birth Control — Live '79 Birth Control — Live '79
(Green Tree GTR 044, 1979/1996, CD)
Birth Control — Titanic Birth Control — Titanic
(Green Tree GTR-043, 1978/1996, CD)
Birth Control — Increase Birth Control — Increase
(Repertoire PMS 7055-WP, 1977/1997, CD)
Birth Control — Backdoor Possibilities Birth Control — Backdoor Possibilities
(Repertoire PMS 7054-WP, 1976/1997, CD)
Birth Control — Plastic People Birth Control — Plastic People
(Repertoire REP 4944, 1975/2001, CD)
Birth Control — Live Birth Control — Live
(Repertoire REPUK 1091, 1974/2007, CD)
Birth Control — Rebirth Birth Control — Rebirth
(Repertoire REP 4943, 1974/2001, CD)
Birth Control — Hoodoo Man Birth Control — Hoodoo Man
(Repertoire REP 5047, 1972/2005, CD)
Birth Control — Operation Birth Control — Operation
(Spalax CD14299, 1971/1997, CD)
Birth Control  — Birth Control Birth Control — Birth Control
(Repertoire PMS 7064-WP, 1970/1997, CD)

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