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Ainur is an Italian group formed in 2005 to produce epic works of symphonic metal based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, primarily The Silmarillion. The music is composed by Luca Catalano (guitar, vocals), Marco Catalano (drums), and Alessandro Armuschio (keyboards, vocals), who utilize a large cast of musicians to realize their epic vision.

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Releases on file (5)
Ainur — War of the Jewels Ainur — War of the Jewels
(Rockshots RSCD111, 2021, CD)
Ainur — The Lost Tales Ainur — The Lost Tales
(Electromantic ART13051, 2013, CD)
Ainur — Lay of Leithian Ainur — Lay of Leithian
(Electromantic ARTPQ1911, 2009, 2CD)
Ainur — Children of Húrin Ainur — Children of Húrin
(Electromantic ART222, 2007, CD)
Ainur — From Ancient Times Ainur — From Ancient Times
(Electromantic ART420, 2007, CD)

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