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Afro Celt Sound System

Afro Celt Sound System
Various Countries
AFro Celt Sound System, also known as just Afro Celts, is an electronic world music ensemble based in England featuring members from England, Ireland, Africa, and India. The group was formed in 1995 by producer-guitarist Simon Emmerson, who has brought in a number of musicians to fill out the lineup. James McNally, N'Faly Kouyate, Davy Spillane, Johnny Kalsi, Moussa Sissokho, and Iarla Ó Lionáird have been frequent contributors, and guests such as Peter Gabriel and Sinéad O'Connor have also appeared.
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Afro Celt Sound System — The Source Afro Celt Sound System — The Source
(ECC016, 2016, CD)
Afro Celt Sound System — Anatomic Afro Celt Sound System — Anatomic
(RealWorld CDRW133, 2005, CD)
Afro Celt Sound System — Pod Afro Celt Sound System — Pod
(RealWorld CDRW116, 2004, CD+DVD)
Afrocelts — Seed Afrocelts — Seed
(RealWorld CDRW111, 2003, CD)
Afro Celt Sound System — Volume 3 - Further in Time Afro Celt Sound System — Volume 3 - Further in Time
(RealWorld CDRW96, 2001, CD)
Afro Celt Sound System — Volume 2 - Release Afro Celt Sound System — Volume 2 - Release
(RealWorld CDRW76, 1999, CD)
Afro Celt Sound System — Volume 1 - Sound Magic Afro Celt Sound System — Volume 1 - Sound Magic
(RealWorld CDRW61, 1996, CD)

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