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Wished Bone & Spencer Radcliffe — A Bug Crawled in the Piano
(Bandcamp no#, 2020, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-07-28

A Bug Crawled in the Piano Cover art

Wished Bone is the nom de plume of Athens, Ohio based singer-songwriter Ashley Rhodus, who also plays guitar, who goes by the pseudonym Slim Morrison on some of her earlier recordings. Beginning with her 2015 debut Pseudio Recordings, her albums tend toward a lo-fi acid folk bedroom-studio sound, led by her fragile yet pleasant voice and guitar, her songs seeming to be documents of personal experience. With each subsequent release the production has evolved, and last year’s Sap Season featured four additional musicians supporting her, and the sound was far better than any before it. Spencer Radcliffe was one of those musicians, credited with saxophone on that album, although there is no sax on her latest EP, A Bug Crawled in the Piano, in fact the production takes a step back toward her lo-fi beginnings, though the songs are excellent and her voice is centered in the mix of instrumentation, which is mostly one or more guitars and drum machine with occasional keyboard, although no specific credits are provided. All six songs are written by Wished Bone except the closer “Glue,” which is credited to the gerbils – a soft and beautiful vocal tune with guitar, melodica, and drum machine accompaniment. The opener, “Help My Brother,” offers a tuneful and personal lyric delivered with breathy vocals, a style that is one of Wished Bone’s trademarks. Another standout is “Where Did All the Time Go,” sporting an easy-going melody and Caribbean flavored drum pattern. “New York City” is a personal favorite, with fragile vocals supported by a rollicking rhythm of acoustic guitars. Overall, this bears a charming and simple folky sound that comes at you straight from her heart. One might have a listen at her Bancamp site below.

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