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Wegferend — En Autremonde - Chapitre Second
(Bandcamp Mors Ultima Ratio MUR008, 2023, CD / LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2024-06-04

En Autremonde - Chapitre Second Cover art

Wegferend is a relatively new group operating in the musical realm where folk music meets medieval music under the influence of more modern forms. Even metal figures in the mix, though there are no electric instruments and no drum kit. Thomas Boissier keeps the rhythm strong with a variety of drums, though not a kit — bodhran, shamanic drum, and so on. He also plays low whistle and occasionally gets in on the singing. The lead vocals are by Alexia Cazaméa, along with recorders, while Manon Cazaméa handles acoustic guitars with six and twelve strings, mandola, and backing vocals. Pierre Burette plays cello on one track, and Jeff Grimal plays guitar on another. The lyrics are in French, English, and what I think is either an old version of French or a regional language like Occitan, which is native to the area where the band is based. In any case, Alexia has a beautiful and delicate voice with folky inflections, sometimes soft and breathy and sometimes soaring into a lovely high register. Manon is a very good guitarist, with clean articulation and varied ways of voicing chords. Aspects of Classical guitar are evident, as well as influences from folk and rock. The use of recorders and whistles heightens the medieval flavor, and all of the arrangements are quite enjoyable. The cello adds a very nice touch to the final track, “En Autremonde.” I’m reminded at times of An Danzza and acoustic Amarok. En Autremonde - Chapitre Second is a great album for times when you want something beautiful and engaging that’s both original and energetic.

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