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Various Artists — Rekinked
(Fruits de Mer Friends of the Fish 68, 2023, 8")

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-11-03

Rekinked Cover art

Fruits de Mer Records is now fifteen years old and still going strong paying respect to the brilliant solo artists and bands of the 60s and 70s. One band that FdM has underserved is The Kinks — there has been the occasional cover on a compilation over the past decade and a half, but not a release dedicated to The Kinks’ Ray Davies until now. On July 24, 2023 FdM released another of their limited edition of 100 lathe-cut EPs titled Rekinked, containing four covers by four different bands. The lathe-cut contains three of Davies’ most thoughtful songs and an energetic blast of an early Kinks’ tune. The first song is “See My Friends” covered by The Flower Machine, their first appearance on FdM. Their reimagined version is a trippy, dreamy performance, unlike the pop psych original. The second song is “Do You Remember Walter” covered by Nick Berling, Kevin Robertson, and Scott Robertson for a very cool Brit pop psych treatment reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, ala “Remember a Day.” The third song is “Shangri-La,” a trippy gothic psych cover by none other than Crystal Jacqueline and Icarus Peel. Icarus is outstanding with his gutsy guitar licks and electric sitar. The lathe-cut closes with “I Need You” covered by The Tubeheads, another band making their FdM debut. This version is more polished than the garage band style of the original, plus sounding a bit like The Troggs’ “I Want You.” The lathe-cuts were rapidly snapped up by the FdM fan club winners for the novelty factor. The sound fidelity of a lathe-cut is below par, so if you can find a digital version of Rekinked, go for it.

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