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Various Artists — A Cat-Shaped Hole in My Heart
(Projekt 91, 1999, CD / DL)

by Carol Hammett, Published 1999-11-01

A Cat-Shaped Hole in My Heart Cover art

I love cats, and this compilation CD led by Black Tape for a Blue Girl member Sam Rosenthal is a very nice tribute to the feline species. With the help of some of his friends, Rosenthal creates a vehicle to help spread knowledge of feline leukemia, the disease that killed his cat, Vidna. The other bands that are donating a cat-related song to the CD are, Mira, The Read Letter, Tara Vanflower, Shotgun Wedding, Collide, Stone 588, Numeralia, The Changelings, Dead Leaves Rising, Faith and the Muse, Regenerator, Area, and Thomas Thorn. All bands are donating their royalties to the Chicago Tree House “no-kill” animal shelter. This is definitely a worthwhile project. In light of the significance of this project, I would have to be hard pressed to negatively criticize it. All artists on the CD are established within the Gothic and ethereal genre. The best tracks are as follows: Mira’s “Cayman,” which artfully builds into one beautiful melody; The Read Letter’s “Clawing Curtains” evokes a feel reminiscent of Roxy Music; Thomas Thorn’s “Mad Max” is a techno-based song centering around the sound samples of Thorn’s cat, Max Millions; Area’s “Too Far Away” is a nice treat of cool vocals, melody, and hip sampling; and Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s “Majestic as a King” is the Sam Rosenthal’s offering to the disc. It is nice melodic treat for his cats, Viddy and Harley. This disc is worthwhile to all cat and animal lovers everywhere, especially in the Chicago area. Help our feline friends out and go pick this one up.

[Note: Since this CD was released, Rosenthal has moved to Portland, Oregon, and proceeds now go to cat-centered charities in that area.]

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