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Tryo — Suramérica
(Mylodon MRM130, 2023, CD / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2023-09-10

Suramérica Cover art

From the beginning, the Chilean band Tryo has had two sides to their music: an energetic power-trio sound with elements of fusion and a touch of metal; and an acoustic sound with cello and mallet instruments. The majority of their tracks have been instrumental, with only an occasional vocal song. On Suramérica, they expand upon those qualities for a wonderfully diverse and satisfying album that touches those bases and more. The first thing to note is that five of the album’s nine tracks feature vocals. Two of those, “Suramérica” and “Canoeros Celestes” start the set off in fine fashion, two tracks of aggressive prog rock with nimble guitars, lots of keyboards, and solid rhythm parts that go through many changes. With “Nómades,” Tryo expands the palette with trumpet, cello, mallets, charango, and quena (a wooden flute from the Andes) integrated into the arrangement. Here Tryo has come up with a unique sound that works superbly. All three of the original members of the band are here: Ismael Cortez (acoustic and electric guitars, vocals), Francisco Cortez (bass, cello, trumpet, trutruca (look it up!), vocals), and Félix Carbone (drums, percussion, mallets). The core band also now includes Pablo Martínez (keyboards, synthesizers, programming) and Felipe Baldrich (electric mallet instrument, percussion, vocals); guest musicians provide fretless bass, piano, quena, charango, and vocals. You won’t hear much of the overt fusion sound from the early days, but those tendencies are integrated into the tunes. The result is a greatly satisfying take on progressive rock with a lot of imagination and creativity, and the incorporation of South American instruments isn’t gratuitous or gimmicky. Suramérica is a really solid album, and the best yet from this band.

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