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Tryo — Dos Mundos
(Mylodon MyloCD026, 2002/2016, CD / DL)

by Jeff Melton, Published 2003-12-01

Dos Mundos Cover art

From the first set of heavy guitar riffs it’s clear that Chilean power trio Tryo is much more than a guitar, bass, drums outfit from (way) south of the border. In fact I’d venture to state that the band has been listening very intently to US based progressive metal and extracting the best elements to focus elements into these ten pieces of passion and technical precision. The first song, “Bloques,” is right out of Gordian Knot’s songbook with a little Tool thrown in for good measure. The aggressive follow-on track, “Espacios,” is akin to mid-period Rush meets Joe Satriani without all the unnecessary frills; no synthesizers needed in this setting. Plus the group is unafraid to shake it up acoustically with three tracks well spaced as relief pieces (such as “Vértigo”) in between forceful metal workouts. Franciso Cortez’ cello offers a sweet refrain over Ismael Cortez’ persistent arpeggios. “Travesia” offers another variation with a similar arrangement but also with cool vibes added to the mix. The group can also veer into jazzier territory without loosing intensity as heard on the late night mood of “Crepúsculo” and the slow reflective piece, “Ventana II.” Closing out the disc is the only vocal track, a bit of a sum-up piece that shows great control and tension building abilities. I wonder if it can’t be long before the group headlines the next Baja festival? Highly recommended.

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