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Tracy Hitchings — From Ignorance to Ecstasy
(SI Music SIMPly SIX, 1991, CD)

by Dane Carlson, Published 2000-10-01

From Ignorance to Ecstasy Cover art

This album was originally released in 1991 on the now defunct SI label. Verglas Records has re-issued it with only the cover art changing. Having been a singer for Quasar, Strangers on a Train, Gandalf, and Landmarq it is unlikely you have not crossed paths with her in some way. This solo project finds her mostly in a shorter format, pop song mode. Tracy’s vocal style is powerful, expressive, theatrical, sexual; the perfect rock singer. She is supported here by Dave Wagstaffe on drums, Ian Salmon on bass, Clive Nolan on keyboards, and Karl Groom on guitars. And while my first impression was negative, this album gets under your skin. From Ignorance to Ecstasy is not complicated, it’s standard rock; the songs run about five minutes, they are predominantly vocal with the obligatory guitar / keyboard solo. It’s Tracy who makes it work plain and simple. She’s an attractive woman whose voice seems to carry her whole being, so when she sings, “I can take you to sensual extremities, I can lead you from ignorance to ecstasy,” well, you believe it. There is one longer piece here, “Caamora” (11:26). And it’s almost entirely vocal, this is not a musician’s album, it’s the songwriters. The song “Everything I Am” says it all, “I’m giving it everything I’ve got, I’m giving it everything I am.” That lyric seems to sum up Tracy Hitchings. From Ignorance to Ecstasy once again proves to me that she might have been more successful had she chosen a more mainstream style of music. I while I cannot recommend this album to everyone, those who will like it know who they are.

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