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Tom Eaton — Weathering
(Bandcamp Heart Dance Records no#, 2023, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-08-01

Weathering Cover art

A first impression is that this is an album of gentle, seductive piano pieces. Once it gets going, however, it becomes apparent that much of it is drenched in other-worldly reverb, with synths, guitars and other software instruments supporting the effort, though piano remains the dominant element. As the music follows a path, one senses there is a story to be told here, the evidence is in the composer’s titles for the each of the pieces as they proceed: “The Lost Years,” “Above the Mad River,” “Instead I Said Goodbye,” “The Empty Page,” the title track, “The Beach, the Rain, and Hope,” “The World with Her In It” and “When Clouds Give Way to Stars” — it becomes all too clear that Eaton’s Weathering is autobiographical in nature; indeed it’s a sketch of the last few years in the composer’s life, as he went from kind of a trainwreck of a personal life, from hopeless and homeless, sleeping on the studio floor, through an intensely personal rediscovery process and eventually meeting an amazing woman who agreed to marry him, weathering life’s turbulence. While the entire set is completely instrumental, background on each of the album’s nine compositions is detailed on Eaton’s Bandcamp page at the link below. Each of the pieces tell that story and they all work well together. But the listener doesn’t need to concern themselves with the back story, it’s a powerful collection of beautifully arranged pieces that stand strong on their own.

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