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The Moon Mistress — Silent Voice Inside
(Addicted Label BNiL 747, 2012/2021, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-02-01

Silent Voice Inside Cover art

Before there was Dekonstruktor there was The Moon Mistress, an intriguing name that does not jibe with their massive gelatinous sludge-noise doom-laden music. They released their full length album, Silent Voice Inside, in 2012, and then for whatever reason, reformed as Deksonstruktor in 2014. In 2020 they decided to reissue Silent Voice inside along with four bonus tracks. The nine tracks on the original album were mixed and mastered in April 2011, the two cassette bonus tracks were mixed and  mastered in July 2012, and the two final bonus tracks are from 2020. The original album feels like one long mind-numbing trudge through a morass of steaming filth. Distortion reigns supreme and the vocals are so buried in the mix that they are incomprehensible. Are the lyrics in English? Russian? Some other language? Who knows? Who cares? They certainly don’t seem to contribute much to the sonic experience. The bonus tracks tell a slightly different story. The two cassette tracks have a cleaner guitar sound, and “Entropy” with its angry shouting brings to mind Throbbing Gristle at their most visceral. And the two 2020 closing tracks demonstrate a maturing musical vision, with The Moon Mistress almost sounding like a garage band. Definitely a band for fans with extremely specific tastes.

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