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The Luck of Eden Hall — An Introduction to The Luck of Eden Hall
(Fruits de Mer intro2, 2023, CD)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2024-02-11

An Introduction to The Luck of Eden Hall Cover art

The second release in Fruits de Mer’s series of artist retrospectives is An Introduction to The Luck of Eden Hall. FdM turned 15 in 2023 and The Luck of Eden Hall has been with them for the past 12 years. Contrary to FdM’s mission of releasing vinyl product, these retrospectives are CD releases. Reaching way back to 2010, the first two tracks are from the FdM compilations A Phase We’re Going Through and Roqueting Through Space. Next are three tracks from The Luck of Eden Hall’s first FdM 7-inch release in 2011, then eight tracks from 2012:  one from the Keep Off the Grass Compilation, one from the Sorrow’s Children compilation, four tracks from their second FdM EP, and one from The Crab Freaks Out compilation. Next is one track from2014’s Postcards from the Deep.  In 2015 FdM released the massive 4LP boxed set Side Effects that contained one track per side, with The Luck of Eden Hall contributing a 19-minute cover of Yes’ “Starship Trooper.” The remaining FdM released track is 2018’s “Reflected” from The Three Seasons compilation, a cover of the Alice Cooper single. To round things out, FdM included two previously unreleased tracks The Luck of Eden Hall contributed but did not make it on the compilations: “Stop Stop Stop” intended for 2013’s Re-Evolution - FdM Play The Hollies and a cover of the Bowie / Iggy Pop single “China Girl” that the band recorded with Sendelica in 2015. Fourteen of the eighteen tracks on this retrospective are cover tunes from Syd Barrett, The Monkees, Love, The Association, Thunderclap Newman, The Pretty Things, The Doors, SRC, the Beatles, Count Five, and as mentioned Yes, Alice Cooper, The Hollies, and David Bowie / Iggy Pop. The remarkable thing about The Luck of Eden Hall is that they were able to take these fairly well-known songs and take ownership, honing them to a fine edge and morphing others into raga rock jams. Then their original songs showcase Curvey’s songwriting and composing skills. Sadly, The Luck of Eden Hall decided to take a break in 2016 with members Mark Lofgren releasing a couple of solo albums and a new band The Thin Cherries, and Curvey scoring a few films, releasing four albums with his band Custard Flux, as well as appearing with Sendelica, Astral Magic, Anton Barbeau, and The Honey Pot. And as with most of the FdM releases, An Introduction to Eden Hall has nearly sold out, with a handful still remaining on Bandcamp.

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