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The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest — The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest
(AMS 319, 2022, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-03-30

The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest Cover art

The band’s name and the electric frog eye on the cover would lead you to expect a freaky technicolor dream journey. After all, chandoo is an opium extract that is smoked in China and India. However, The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest is more akin to Scandinavian progressive rock. The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest is a new Italian project by two young musicians: Francesca Zanetta (Unreal City, Quel che Disse il Tuono) and Niccolò Gallani (Cellar Noise, Quel che Disse il Tuono). Both are mulit-instrumentalists who skillfully interweave themes. Francesca plays electric guitar, electric bass, Eminent Solina, Logan String Melody II, Elka Rhapsody 490, and Moog Voyager. Niccolò plays drums, electric bass, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes, organ, Mellotron, Elka Soloist 505, and flute. In addition Alphataurus alumni Pietro Pellegrini and Claudio Falcone helped record, mix, and edit the album. The resulting ten instrumentals feature majestic guitar melodies, strong organ driven themes, and prog jazz fusion conjuring images of Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd, Anekdoten, and Änglagård. I particularly enjoy the heavy organ passages and Niccolò’s flute. Some highlights include “Entering the Void of Madness,” that finds its inspiration from Pink Floyd’s “Echoes,” “The White Toad Majesty,” with its perfect blend of soaring guitar, organ, and flute that unfortunately just ends abruptly, and “London Underground” with its slow heavy chord intro that picks up speed as the melodic theme trades back and forth between organ and lead guitar. The Lost Vision of the Chandoo Priest is quite an impressive debut album.

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